Modern printing is a business strictly for professionals, whose skills and competencies can turn even the most imaginative ideas into reality. Regardless of whether they work and create with their own hands or rely on expert knowledge to operate state-of-the art printing machines, they all expect the tools and materials to give them safety and reliability.

This is why we only select the best quality accessories and consumables for you. Although by nature many of such materials must be replaced from time to time, we believe their precision, functionality and durability lets you forget about the mundane and focus on real challenges that you face every day.

Printing accessories

Tried and true printing accessories, made from top quality materials, delivering performance that is expected from them. We want our products to make your work safe and comfortable, day by day.

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Accessories for machines

The materials we offer guarantee, in 100%, perfect alignment, top quality of workmanship and uncompromised reliability.

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Hot stamping accessories

The hot stamping accessories we have selected will let you fix dies quickly and reliably, properly select the hardness of backing, and, if this is needed, stick a previously prepared counter.

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