Chemical agents

The complexity of offset printing and a multitude of machines, substrates and consumables require accurately selected chemical agents.

We sell products made by renowned European manufacturers. For many years, their competencies and high quality products have guaranteed reliable, problem-free operation of many printing houses, in Poland and globally. Many of the offered products have been certified by manufacturers of printing machines and independent research institutes.


The range of available washes has been selected to address various application methods. We offer washes for manual application, for automated cleaning systems, for inking rolls and special washes for water rolls.

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A coating powder plays a key role in the process of curing freshly printed sheets. A properly selected powder creates an air cushion that lets more air get between sheets, consequently speeding up the process of curing.

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Fountain additives

Fountain additive is one of the key elements in the offset printing process. In this section we would like to present our fountain solutions.

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