Without dies, hot stamping is impossible. A die is a key element, responsible for proper transfer of heat and compression force onto the stamped surface. Also, the pattern in the die creates the shape and structure of the stamped image.

Dies may be used either for stamping with colored foil or for making subtle blind embossing, where the printed substrate is embossed without applying foil onto it.

Dies are either etched or engraved. Flat magnesium and zinc dies are usually made by etching, while brass dies are usually engraved.

We offer high quality engraved dies, made to order and customized to satisfy the customer's requirements. We also sell all materials and chemicals for making chemically etched dies.

Engraved dies

We sell customized, engraved brass dies.

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Plates and etching chemical agents

We also sell all raw materials for manufacturing chemically etched dies.

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