Grafmaj AM is one of the biggest distributors of offset inks in Poland. We offer products from the leading, global manufactures, renowned for making only high quality products.

Apart from process inks, we also offer basic Pantone inks, concentrates for mixing facilities, fluorescent inks and metallic inks. We also run a professional mixing facility and a cutting edge laboratory. Making any customized color is not a problem for us.

Low-migration offset inks for application on food packaging form another group. Inks for printing on food packaging must satisfy special requirements, introduced for the benefit of consumers by legislative bodies in numerous regulations of the European Parliament and Council. To better answer the needs of the market, Grafmaj AM's portfolio contains low-migration conventional offset inks for application on food packaging.

Ink Mixing Station

We have a professionally equipped mixing facility that can customize any paint to meet the customer's needs. With only a small sample of the color we can come up with an individual formula in just 24 hours.

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Conventional offset inks

Apart from paper, conventional offset inks are the most basic raw material used in sheetfed offset printing. The main ingredients of the inks' binder are mineral or plant oils and resins.

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UV offset inks

UV offset inks are cured as the result of polymerization triggered by high-energy ultraviolet radiation. Unlike conventional inks, whose curing takes even a dozen hours, UV inks leave the printing machine completely cured, and materials printed with UV inks may be promptly transfered for enriching or other post-press tasks.

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Flexography inks

You can buy metallic flexography inks for narrow-web machines. The inks are available as water-based or UV cured metallic inks.

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