Ink Mixing Station

We have a professionally equipped mixing facility that can customize any paint to meet the customer's needs. With only a small sample of the color we can come up with an individual formula in just 24 hours. We always store and back-up such recipes, so when you re-order, you will receive identical ink. The good manufacturing practices we follow and no-odor, low-migration concentrates allow us to make inks for use with food packaging.

How inks are created in our mixing facility

First step - Examination of the received sample with a spectrophotometer.

Second step - Selection of optimal formula to meet the customer's needs. To apply a proper direction of arriving at the optimal formula, the lab technician follows the recommendations given by the color selection software, the customer's instructions and own experience.

Third step - Making a small sample from the selected recipe; the sample is then printed with a specially designed device that simulates the operation of an offset machine.

Fourth step - Comparing the test print and the model. If the deviation exceeds the tolerated value, the color technician adjust the formula and goes back to step three.

Fifth step - The ink is manufactured on the basis of the accepted formula. After production, a small sample is checked against the model once again and is backed-up for control purposes.

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

Multi-color print has become a widely accepted standard in the last few years, a result of developments in the printing industry. For marketing reasons, customers have become more and more demanding with regard to color reproduction. Currently, the most popular standard of mixing offset inks is the Pantone system.

Thanks to Pantone Matching System, a complete set of inks, we can make a wide range of colors. Pantone chart's most important advantage is its popularity among printing houses, graphic artists and designers.

Good to know

The Pantone chart is printed in typography, which means the coat of ink is significantly thicker than in offset print.
This makes it difficult to achieve proper print intensity, especially with colors containing transparent white, but also with Reflex Blue or Blue 072.

The Pantone Chart is updated every year. Individual editions might vary and deviations of specific colors might be significant. When ordering inks according to the chart, it is recommended to confirm the edition of the chart used for selection a color.

The paper used in the chart is more yellow than commonly used paper; consequently, color deviations are more significant, especially easy to observe with various shades of grey and beige; the colors in the chart change in time - they are subject to wear and they fade.

Pantone color charts and inks

Grafmaj AM sells basic inks, fluorescent and metallic inks from the Pantone color chart. You can also purchase original Pantone charts from us.