Offset blankets

Proper selection and high quality of raw materials and materials for production are crucial to achieve success. An offset blanket is the last element of a printing machine. It is responsible for transferring to paper the sum of effects and results of all previous efforts and endeavors. The proper selection of the right offset blanket plays a key role in achieving the desired effect of reproduction in offset printing technology.

This is why we pay so much attention to select the very best product and to match it to the specific needs of the customer. We believe that nobody is best at everything and that you can be a top tier expert only in a narrow field. That is why we work with various producers. Being independent we can draw from the best examples and search for optimal solutions.

Applying bars to blankets

Selecting a product is an important step - but not the only one leading to the final effect. The second critical step is the process of applying bars onto an offset blanket, making it ready for installation in the machine.

We offer the highest quality of cutting and application of bars. The cutting process is completely automated and the blankets are cut with accuracy up to 0.2 mm. The bars are pressed with a digitally controlled hydraulic press, where we can control virtually every important parameter. Each batch of blankets its tested to establish strength required to tear off the bar. Nothing here is accidental - all factors are fully controlled.

Offset blankets for sheetfed printing

Although all blankets making up the range for conventional and mixed printing are made on the basis of the same compound, no other similarities between the particular series can be drawn. To address various needs we offer a wide range of products.

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Offset blankets for sheetfed UV printing

Offset blankets dedicated for UV inks have a protective layer made from EDPM polymers that show excellent resistance to the ingredients of UV cured inks, aldehydes and ketones present in washes for UV inks.

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Stripping blankets

Grafmaj AM offers 1.96 mm thick varnishing compression blankets on polyester or cotton carrier, polyester plates and rubber blankets, 1.35 mm and 1.15 mm thick, on polyester carrier.

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Self-adhesive blankets

An important feature of adhesive blankets is the presence of a layer of adhesive, thanks to which the blanket can be fixed to a cylinder of a press.

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Blankets for heat-set web printing

Blankets for webfed heat-set printing must meet certain requirements: resistance to extremely fast printing, low cost, high durability, longest possible surface maintenance intervals.

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