UV varnishes

UV cured varnishes provide a wide range of enriching effect, from extremely high gloss, through satin and matt, to special effects such as textures or fluorescent effects. Apart from attractive appearance, UV varnishes provide suitably high flexibility to print and protect them against humidity and rub.

UV varnishing may be done in all available printing techniques, in screen printing, flexography or offset machines. With properly configured machine and optimally selected varnish, prints can also be varnished in-line, thus significantly raising the efficiency of the process.

Highly esthetic and durable, UV varnishes are a great alternative to other enriching methods, e.g. laminating.

Applied with flexo and offset varnishing units

UV/V 2779

High gloss, low-odour

UV/V 4704

High gloss, both side varnishing

UV/V 4782

High gloss, high slip

UV/V 6084

High gloss, standard purpose

UV/V 6183

High gloss, low migration

UV/V 6565

High gloss, standard purpose

UV/V 6575

High gloss, standard purpose

UV/V 6800

High gloss, high elasticity

UV/V 8530

High gloss, standard purpose

UV/V 8550

High gloss, standard purpose

UV/V 6728

High gloss, high reactivity

UV/V 4711 Matt

Matt, standard purpose

UV/V 6741 Matt

Matt, Low-odor

UV/V 4794 Matt

Matt, suitable for hot stamping

Applied with silk-screen machines

UV/S 2754

Gloss, for plastic substrates

UV/S 7019

High gloss, elasticity

UV/S 7095

Gloss, standard purpose

UV/S 9195

Gloss, standard purpose

UV/S 1765 Matt

Matt, standard purpose

Applied with offset inking units

UV/O 2788

Gloss, standard purpose

Special purpose UV varnishes

UV/S 4756

Emboss effect

UV/S 6745

Emboss effect

UV/S 7501

Micro effect

UV/S 7502

Macro effect

UV/S 7521

Emboss effect

UV/S 7541

Emboss effect

Dexcol UV 535

UV adhesive for lamination

UV varnish additives

Addex HV 450

Adhesion improving agent

Addex AD 933

Substrate yellowing inhibitor

Addex BP 936

Pores closing agent

Addex AG 950

Slip improving agent

Addex AT 9434

Pores closing agent